2 Pairs ATG 5X5 5 Inch High Speed Competition Propeller for Multicopter QAV250 Airplane Quadcopter

Type: Propeller
Vendor: ATG


Brand Name: ATG
Model: 5X5
Color: Orange, Gray, Green
Weight: 2.6g
Remanded Parts:
2204 KV2300,4S(MAX thrust is 600g,14.2A)
2207 KV2700 (MAX thrust is 950g,27.2A)
Flying Weight: 450-500g
Faster stable and stronger
Continue to strengthen the root streamline design characteristics, not easy broken
The design is focus on the high-speed flight in transverse
Superior stability in low-speed or hovering
Suitable for multicopter, airplane, quadcopter etc.
Package Included:
2 x CW Propeller
2 x CCW Prepeller

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