Diatone V5.0 Power HUB & BEC 5V 12V for 4 in 1 ESC RC Multirotors

Type: Charger
Vendor: Diatone


Item name: DIATONE V5.0 Power HUB
Working Voltage: 3~6S LiPoåÊ
Linear Output Voltage: 5V&12V
Linear Output Current: 500mA(4S IN), 200mA(6S IN)
ESC outputs: 4
Current output:4*20A
Weight: 3.5gåÊ
Mounting: 30.5mm / ë_3mm
2oz copper
Small and Light.
Can power the 12V camera & 12V LED without ripple & noise.
Support 3-6S Lipo input.
If the mounting hole is unsuitable, you can stick it on the frame kit by double-side sponge tape
Package Included:
1 x Diatone V5.0 Power HUB & BEC

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