DIY Electric Dove Super Capacitor Wing Flapping Bird Toy Gift


DIY E-Bird
DIY electric Dove
Super capacitor
Electric wing flapping bird
Science and Educational equipment
1.Please flyind in the open area,for the children,the adult supervision is required.
2.Do not fly in bad weather
3.If your DIY E-Bird gets caught on the tree or other high objects,never climb up to get it by yourself,call adults for help,or buying a new DIYE-Bird
5.Please do not charge for a long time,or it will shorten the product life. When you are not use product,please turn off the charge box and take out in a safe place.
6.It is prohibited to short circult connect the power module charging port polarity.
7.It is prohibited to use other power supply charging to our products.
Package Included:
1 x DIY electric Dove set

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