DJI phantom 2 vision Quadcopter Battery Parrallel Charger Board

Type: Charger
Vendor: DJI


Item name: Battery Parrallel Charger Board
Color: Black
Support Phantom 2 vision three batteries charging at the same time.
Support DJI Original adapter
Support the third party adapter
Support three batteries charging
Notes and FunctionåÊ
Support the third party adapter. (If you do not use the original charger or our standard 15AåÊ
power adapter,your voltage must be 12.6V,or the battery charge will be discontent)
If you use the third party charger and the current greater than 6A,do not charge a single battery charge,otherwise there will be problems.åÊ
Do not move the charging plate during charging,away from the water.åÊ
If only charge a battery,put it in the battery jay 1.åÊ
If the original adapter and LED lights are not lit,please adjustments to ensure good contact with the power supply.
Use our match 15A adapter,only need 2 hours while charging three batteries.
Package not included DJI Original charge.
Package included:
1 x Battery Parrallel Charger Board

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