DJI Phantom 3 Battery And Transmitter Charger Plates 110-240V Input 4 In 1

Type: Charger
Vendor: DJI


Input voltage: 110-240V
Output :17.5V 12A åÊand branch17.5V 4A
Product size: 17.5*12*4.7CM
Charge Time: 80 minsåÊ

åÊ3 battery charging time is about 80 minutes while charging; (a battery is 80 minutes)
Simultaneously to three batteries and a remote control charge
The charger is specially tailored to the Phantom 3, security and stability, according to the program converted from the original charger, automatic battery charging and maintenance, non-destructive charge. Comes with intelligent control, fan speed control requirements change with temperature stable.
(Only for the remote control when charging current, the fan does not run. Battery just finished using superheated, automatically stop charging, the battery temperature is normal charging required)

Note: The chargeråÊwill be equipped with adapter plug

Pakage Included:
1 xåÊDJI Phantom 3 Battery And Transmitter Charger

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