DUPU 9V 800mah USB Lithium Rechargeable Battery

Type: Battery
Vendor: Deal Hobbies


Voltage: 9V
Capacity: 800mAh
Charging voltage: 5V
Charge current: Max.800mAh
Working temperature: -20䋀~60䋀
Storage temperature: -10䋀~45䋀
Product size:48.5x26.5x17.5mm
Weight: 28g
-For rc toys, interphone, smoke alarms, wireless microphones, multimeter, and other electrical products.
-A special design for exactly LED power displays.
-1 hour quick charge,save your time
-No need to guess how much power remains.
-Precise,convenient,intelligent,and no memory effect.
Package Include:
1x battery(without USB cable)

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