FMS P-40B P40B Warhawk 980mm Wingspan Warbird High Speed PNP


Item:P-40B Warhawk PNP
Wingspan:980mm / 38.6inch
Length:865mm / 34inch
Flying Weight:1,200g
CG (Center of Gravity): 50-55 mm back from the leading edge of wing at wing root
Power System: Brushless 3648-770kv (installed)
Electronic Speed Control:70A with 5A SBEC (installed)
Propeller / EDF:10.5 x 7åÊ 3-Blade
Servos:9g digital metal gear Servo x 4 (ailerons, elevator, rudder), 9g digital nylon gear servo X2 (flaps) - all pre-installed
Landing Gear:Rotating E-retracts with metal trunnions (installed)
Required Battery:14.8V 4S 2200mAh-2500mAh 35C+ Li-Po (Not Included)
Required Radio:Minimum 6 Channel full range Radio (Not Included)
Hinge Type:Foam
Material:EPO Foam
Build Time:1h
PNP:Plug N Play, requires Radio System, Battery and Charger
- Modular Motor Board allows use of both 3536 and 3648 motors for both standard and high speed versions
- This High Speed version is equipped with a 770Kv motor and 70Amp ESCåÊ to handle 4S batteries with ease to achieve 95-100mph
- Accurate color livery representing American WWII Ace Robert Tharp "RT" Smith, of the AVG, popularly known as the "Flying Tigers"
- Super scale appearance including hand-painted pilot, 3-blade prop, detailed cockpit, authentic graphics and aux fuel tankåÊåÊåÊåÊ åÊ
- Newly designed ball link control hardware replaces traditional clevises
- Quick assembly using only a screwdriver and a few drops of glue
- LED Navigation lights for those dusk/dawn patrols
- Manufactured from durable EPO foam
- One piece wing with spars molded into the wing

Package Included:
1 x FMS P-40B Warbird Warhawk High Speed 980mm 38.6" Wingspan PNP
1 x Brushless Motor 3648-770kv (installed)
1 x Electronic Speed Control:70A with 5A SBEC (installed)
1 x Propeller 10.5 x 7åÊ 3-Blade
4 x Servos(installed)
1 x 70A ESC with 5A SBECåÊ (installed)
1 x User Manual

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